Welcome to Alta Makeup Art
I want to first off THANK YOU for taking the time to look at my portfolio and read about my life. My name is ALTA. I am a Professional Makeup Artist born and raised in San Diego California.

I am the only child of two free spirits. Back then, my Dad was an architect and my Mom was a creative “jack of all trades”. Art was alive in our home. I knew always that I was destined to be some sort of artist. My parents worked hard and my Grandma Louise took care of me after school. At the age of 7, my beautiful Grandma introduced me to the magic of transformation, she allowed me to watch her “put on her face”. I was in AWE. My Grandma Louise, to me, was MAGICAL. She gave me my first red Avon lipstick. I was completely forever changed. I loved my Grandma so much and I will never forget all the time she spend with me to cultivate my creativity. From dressing up in her clothes, putting on plays, to our pottery together and to that first lipstick and everything else wonderful we did together. I dedicate this website to HER. I love you forever “Grana”.

As a teenager, I used to steal my Mom’s VOGUE magazines and sit on my bedroom floor copying Cindy Crawford’s and Claudia Schiffer’s makeup on to my own face for HOURS.

Adventures in Makeup Land
I am Los Angeles based. I have 16 years of hands on experience in the application of makeup. Most of that experienced I got working on the sales floor of Nordstrom. This was the school of hard knocks. I started with Nordstrom launching the makeup line for Anna Sui cosmetics. That was in 1999. I had done a few weddings and worked for the Body Shop as their Resident Artist and I had gone to the Makeup Institute in 1997. That was all the REAL practice I had ever had. Nordstrom was where I figured out what REAL women wanted. I was determined to give them just that and be the very best I could be. I flourished as an Artist and sales person for Tony and Tina, Hard Candy, Urban Decay and Too Faced. And I became the manager in my area booking all the big personal appearance events for these lines. I was then noticed by Chanel in 2001. This is where I really was going to learn!! I thought I knew! Going from 17-25 years olds to 40-75 year olds was a big jump! I was thrown in the deep end. Cosmetics had never been better. And we were VERY busy. I was with them for almost 7 years. I was working the wedding edge more than ever. Still not knowing what I REALLY wanted. I was doing the makeup I knew I wanted to. Just like the stuff in the magazines. But I NEED to know more about makeup. I wanted an education in it like the real pros had.

I enrolled myself at Makeup Designory in the fall of 2006. I was to take six months and learn makeup for film and television, character makeup and Special FX. I was EXCITED to go! I ended up having one of the best years of my life. I was creatively alive! I began working on small films at this time and was offered the lead artist spot for Crystal Pyramid Productions in San Diego. I was living in Burbank at the time, and like Tim Burton, I felt isolated and a bit trapped there. I decided that going back to San Diego for a short bit was the best thing to do. That way I could concentrate on my new gig with Mark and Patty at Crystal Pyramid.

During that time, I was freelancing for NARS and Chanel cosmetics at Bloomingdales as well. That’s when I got the call of a lifetime. I was ASKED to be the next National Stylist for NARS Cosmetics! I accepted and in two months I was living back in Los Angeles again. Since then I have made a switch to MAC cosmetics, to work faster and learn new techniques. I wanted to challenge myself again. I am now working with some wonderfully creative people here in LA. I’m working with fashion shows, awards shows, famous photographers and I’ve been lucky to work with big names. I was meant to be here. My heart is here. I am content. I am a very happy well rounded woman. I guess the people that know me best would say that I am easy going, nice to work with and REAL. I’ve had some women call me magical. I don’t know. I just hope that I get a chance to work with talented, creative people who believe in the power of beauty transformation. I am great at expressing my ideas through my drawings and paintings. So if you have an idea. Let me know! I can be a teacher to those who wish to know the secrets. I will be a team player towards the greater good of a project. I am meticulous. I am a professional through and through. In this business you will never know who you will work with, so be NICE TO EVERYONE and always have wipes, Advil and a first aid kit handy! That’s what I believe.

There is much more of my story.

I have a resume and references too and lots of nice people who I’ve worked with that could vouch for me. And no I didn’t pay them.

There is something else. Please leave your contact info or just a comment. I would love to hear from you. I would love to work with you. Thank you again for your time.